Did Silva retire?

OFFICIAL: David Silva retires from Spain national team after 125 appearances in 12 years| All Football.

Where is David Silva?

Real Sociedad
David Silva / Current team (#21 / Midfielder)

Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D., more commonly referred to as Real Sociedad, La Real in Spanish, Erreala in Basque, is a Spanish professional sports club in the city of San Sebastián, Basque Country, founded on 7 September 1909. It plays its home matches at the Anoeta Stadium.


Does David Silva kids?

Mateo Silva
David Silva / Children

How old is David Silva?

36 years (January 8, 1986)
David Silva / Age

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What happen to David Silva?

Out with leg injury Silva has suffered a leg injury and will miss Sunday’s clash against Espanyol, according to El Diario Vasco. Impact Silva has started in each of Sociedad’s last eight games in La Liga and the Europa League, but he is out Sunday with a leg injury.

What nationality is David Silva?

David Josué Jiménez Silva (born 8 January 1986) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for La Liga club Real Sociedad.

Why does Silva wear 21?

Sergio Aguero would go on to inherit that number and Silva has revealed his choice was no coincidence as he favoured 21 after tricking a teammate during his time with Valencia. “I moved to Eibar a very short time before the beginning of the 2004-05 season and it was the only one available,” he told Man City.

How old is Juan Mata?

34 years (April 28, 1988)
Juan Mata / Age

How old is Kompany?

36 years (April 10, 1986)
Vincent Kompany / Age

How tall is David Silva?

1.7 m
David Silva / Height

How tall is Juan Mata?

1.7 m
Juan Mata / Height

What does Juan Mata weigh?

61 kg
Juan Mata / Weight

What age is David Villa?

40 years (December 3, 1981)
David Villa / Age

Who is David Villa wife?

Patricia González
David Villa / Wife (m. 2003)

Where was David Villa born?

Langreo, Spain
David Villa / Place of birth

Langreo is a municipality and town in northern Spain, in Asturias. It is the 4th largest town of Asturias with 43,000 inhabitants. Langreo is located in the centre of Asturias, approximately 20 kilometres south-east of Oviedo. It was an important mining and metallurgical center.


How much does David Villa weigh?

68 kg
David Villa / Weight

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