Does Mbappe have a brother?

Jirès Kembo Ekoko
Kylian Mbappé / Brother

Jirès Kembo Ekoko is a retired professional footballer who played as a striker. His father is Kembo Uba Kembo, who played for DR Congo national team in the 1974 FIFA World Cup. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kembo Ekoko is a former youth international for France.


Who is Mbappe related to?

Kylian Mbappé Height, Weight, Age, Family, Affairs, Biography & More
Full Name Kylian Mbappé Lottin
Parents Father- Wilfried Mbappé (Football Coach) Mother- Fayza Lamari (Former Handball Player)
Siblings Brother-Jirès Kembo Ekoko Ethan Mbappé Sister-None

Is Kylian Mbappé adopted?

Moreover, Lamari and Wilfried are the parents of three amazing kids. They adopted their first child, a son, and named him Jirès Kembo Ekoko, who is a soccer player by profession. Afterward, the couple has two biological sons named Kylian Mbappé and Ethan Mbappé Lottin.

Does Kylian Mbappé have any siblings?

He has a younger brother, Ethan, who played for Paris Saint-Germain’s under-12 squad in 2018. Mbappé’s adoptive brother, Jirès Kembo Ekoko, is also a professional football player. As a child, Kylian Mbappé went to a private Catholic school in Bondy, where he was considered academically gifted but unruly.

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Is Mbappé a Nigerian?

Kylian was given a Yoruba middle name Adesanmi meaning “crown fits me” by Wilfred, who also adopted a son, Jirès Kembo Ekoko, a professional footballer of Congolese descent, but has a biological son and younger brother of Kylian named Adeyemi Mbappe, in recognition of his Nigerian roots.

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