Does Neymar understand French?

The majority of PSG players understand the French language, but some are reticent to use it. For instance, Neymar, Ángel Di María and Keylor Navas never speak French, although they do understand it.

What language do PSG players speak on the pitch?

IIRC PSG players are required to learn French so Neymar probably knows at least a little bit. He also meets up we American celebrities often so he probably also knows a bit of English as well. On the pitch?

What race is Di Maria?

Di María is nicknamed “Fideo”, which means “noodle” in Spanish, due to his slender frame. Being of Italian descent, he holds Italian nationality. He is Roman Catholic. He married fellow Argentine Jorgelina (née Cardoso) in 2011.

Does verratti speak Spanish?

Marco Verratti is the only player who has a good relationship with all groups of players in a complicated PSG dressing room. The Italian midfielder speaks with his teammates in French and Spanish, while he also understands Portuguese.

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What does Messi speak at PSG?

Lionel Messi speaks Spanish and Catalan:

Naturally, his mother tongue was Spanish, as the whole of Argentina along with some other South American countries speaks Spanish.

Can Pochettino speak French?

The head coach himself, Mauricio Pochettino, barely uses the French language, addressing his players instead primarily in his native Spanish or English. Some of his coaching staff do have a good command of French, but it is not the go-to language of the squad as a whole.

Where is Marco Verratti from?

Pescara, Italy
Marco Verratti / Place of birth

How old is Verratti?

29 years (November 5, 1992)
Marco Verratti / Age

How tall is Verratti?

1.65 m
Marco Verratti / Height

Is Verratti a good player?

In fact, after the final whistle, PSG teammate Neymar beamed that Verratti is one of the best midfielders he has ever played with alongside Xavi and Iniesta. “I knew Verratti was an excellent player,” he said after PSG secured a 1-0 win against Los Blancos after a late Kylian Mbappe winner.

How Old Is Di Maria?

34 years (February 14, 1988)
Ángel Di María / Age

How many Assist does Verratti have?

Marco Verratti averages 96 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 96%, and has 1 assist. Marco Verratti has received 1 yellow card and 0 red cards. The average Infogol Player Rating for Marco Verratti in the UEFA Champions League 2022/23 season is 6.62.

What happened Marco Verratti?

Suffers calf injury Verratti won one tackle, drew one foul, and had one interception in 64 minutes before leaving Saturday’s game versus Olympique Lyonnais due to a calf problem, coach Christophe Galt

Who is 6 in PSG?

Marco Verratti

Why did Verratti not play?

Sept 19 (Reuters) – Italy will be without Marco Verratti for their upcoming Nations League matches after the Paris St Germain midfielder had to be substituted due to a calf injury on Sunday.

Who is Marco Verratti wife?

Laura Zazzara
Marco Verratti / Wife (m. 2015–2019)

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