How many assists does Mbappé have in his career?

Mbappe once again enjoys a clear edge over Haaland in the number of assists provided in club football in his career so far. The Frenchman has provided a total of 100 assists in seven seasons so far, 59 more than his rival Haaland who has provided 36 assists.

How many career assists does Neymar have?

This season, Neymar is giving Barcelona fans cause to be excited. Now fully settled, we are beginning to see the Neymar of Brazil’s national team for the Blaugrana. Neymar’s career: 333 games 200 goals 100 assists 300 goals + assists in 333 games. 22 years old.

How many seasons has Mbappe been at PSG?

Kylian Mbappé
Personal information
2015–2016 Monaco II 12
2015–2018 Monaco 41
2017–2018 → Paris Saint-Germain (loan) 27
2018– Paris Saint-Germain 121

How many goals has Mbappe scored in PSG?

Mbappe played in a total of 47 games for PSG, with 41 of those being starts. He netted an incredible 42 goals and added 11 assists.

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Who is biggest football transfer?

The current transfer record was set by the transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for €222 million (£190 million) in August 2017.

Who was the first 10 million pound footballer?

Jean-Pierre Papin, football’s first £10 million pound player. — The Sporting Blog.

Who was the first 1000 football player?

On February 14, 1905, Middlesbrough sparked huge excitement – and outrage – as they made Sunderland forward Alf Common the world’s first £1,000 footballer.

Who was the first football player?

Early-day pro football historians agreed that a 16-year-old quarterback from Indiana College in Pennsylvania, John Brallier, had become the first pro football player when he accepted $10 and “cakes” (expenses) to play for the Latrobe, PA, town team against neighboring Jeannette on September 3, 1895.

Who was the first 1 million footballer?

In 1979 Trevor Francis became the first British footballer to command a £1 million transfer fee when he moved from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest.

Who was the first 100k a week footballer?

Sol Campbell becomes the first £100,000- a-week player following his Bosman free transfer from Tottenham to Arsenal.

Who was the first 100 million pound footballer?

Sportsmail charts the rise of the world transfer record. As Manchester United get ready to smash the world transfer record for Paul Pogba, the French star is set to become the first £100m footballer in the history of the game.

Who was the first 100 thousand pound footballer?

Patrick William “Willie” Groves is widely considered to be the first player that cost over £100 to be transferred from one club to another.

Who was the first million pound goalkeeper?

Martyn played as a goalkeeper from 1987 until 2006. Martyn moved to Crystal Palace in 1989 where he became the first million- pound goalkeeper in British Football. He remained at Palace for seven seasons and made 349 appearances for the club.

Who was the first million pound teenage footballer?

Bruce Antonio Dyer (born 13 April 1975) is an English former professional footballer who played as a striker. His career started in 1993 with Watford, before he became the country’s first £1 million-teenager when he joined Crystal Palace in 1994.

What was the first ever football transfer?

The first player to ever be transferred for a fee of over £100 was Scottish striker Willie Groves when he made the switch from West Bromwich Albion to Aston Villa in 1893, eight years after the legalisation of professionalism in the sport.

Can a football player refuse a transfer?

While teams have to come to an agreement on the financial aspects of a transfer, only the player himself can decide whether to move or not. He might already want to move, but he has the power to decline a transfer as well.

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