How many games has Pogba played for Man U?

With 39 goals and 51 assists in 226 appearances since returning to Manchester, Pogba won just two major honours.

What has Pogba won at United?

Paul Pogba trophies list
  • World Cup winner. France 2018.
  • English League Cup winner. Manchester United 2017.
  • Europa League Winner. Manchester United 2016-2017.
  • Euro participant. France 2016.
  • Euro runner-up. France 2016.
  • Italian cup winner. Juventus 2015-2016.
  • Italian Super Cup winner. Juventus 2015-2016.
  • Italian champion.

When did Paul Pogba last play for Manchester United?

Despite the price tag, Pogba only won Europa League and the League Cup in 2017 while at Manchester United. He left Old Trafford at the end of his contract in the summer of 2022 to rejoin Juventus on a free transfer.

What team was Pogba in in 2016?

Man Utd (2.) Man Utd (3.) Man City (1.)

Stats 16/17.

competition Premier League

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How much did Man U Sell Pogba for?

“This is the right club for me to achieve everything I hope to in the game,” Paul Pogba said after completing his £89m move back to United from Juventus.

How much did Man Utd pay for Pogba?

15.08 million GBP (2022)
Paul Pogba / Salary

What clubs has Paul Pogba played for?

Paul Pogba/Current teams

Did Pogba played for Chelsea?

Paul Pogba has left Juventus and joined Chelsea—in his current game of Football Manager. The France midfielder is relaxing the same way many football fans do, by playing the addictive management simulator, but his choice of team might come as a surprise.

Is Pogba leaving Man U?

Last week, United announced that Pogba would leave the club for a second time on a free transfer after his contract expires at the end of June.

What team is Pogba on 2022?

Published July 11, 2022

Now 29, Pogba has signed a four-year deal back at Juventus, reportedly turning down a higher salary at Paris Saint-Germain.

Who is leaving Man Utd?

With players’ contracts set to expire across all levels at Manchester United, the club has issued its list of retained players ahead of the 2022/23 season. In terms of the first team, it has already been confirmed that Edinson Cavani, Lee Grant, Jesse Lingard, Juan Mata, Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba are leaving United.

Is Ronaldo leaving Man United?

Cristiano Ronaldo stays at Man United despite desire to leave club.

Where is Cavani going?

Edinson Cavani/Current teams

How rich is Cavani?

$40 Million

Has Cavani left Man Utd?

Edinson Cavani has thanked Manchester United fans for their support following his Old Trafford departure. Cavani, 35, confirmed he has left United during a farewell interview after a two-year spell in the Premier League.

Where is Suarez now?

Luis Suárez/Current teams

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