How many goals did Ramos scored in Real Madrid?

Sergio Ramos: titles and trophies won with Real Madrid

In his 671 appearances for the club, the defender scored an incredible 101 goals and provided assists for teammates on 40 occasions. His list of honours is matched by few players around the world.

How many goals has Sergio Ramos scored in La Liga?

And goals, too

The centre-back is one of only 22 players in Los Blancos’ history to reach a century of goals for the club. Ramos has 74 goals in La Liga, making him the second highest-scoring defender in league history behind Hierro (105).

Will Sergio Ramos play World Cup 2022?

Sergio Ramos is not giving up on a shock Spain call up for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Ramos endured an injury dominated first season at Paris Saint-Germain in 2021/22 but the veteran centre back has started in five of PSG Ligue 1 games so far in 2022/23.

How many times did Ramos win La Liga?

Since then, he went on to become a mainstay for Real Madrid, and had won 22 major honours, including five La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League titles, becoming one of La Liga’s top goalscorers from a defensive position.

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Who has the most red cards in football history?

Ranking the five players to receive most red cards in football
  1. Gerardo Bedoya – 46.
  2. Sergio Ramos – 27.
  3. Cyril Rool – 25.
  4. 4. Alexis Ruano Delgado – 22.
  5. Paolo Montero – 21. The best seasons of Paolo Montero’s career came in Italian football, with the defender no stranger to either major silverware or early baths.

Is Sergio Ramos the best defender ever?

Sergio Ramos isn’t just any other normal player who stayed at the club for some years and left after winning some trophies. For the fans, he is a symbol of Madridismo. He is simply the greatest defender and the greatest leader in the history of Real Madrid.

Who won La Liga the most?

The league was cancelled between 1936 and 1939 because of the Spanish Civil War. Real Madrid is the most successful club with 35 titles. Barcelona has won the Spanish version of the double the most times, having won the league and cup in the same year eight times in history, three more than Athletic Bilbao’s five.

How many times has someone won La Liga?

Nine teams have been crowned champions, with Barcelona winning the inaugural La Liga and Real Madrid winning the title a record 35 times, most recently in the 2021–22 season.

How many trophies have Ramos won?

#4 Sergio Ramos
Titles and season
1x World Cup winner
2010 Spain
2x European champion
2012 Spain

How many red cards has Ramos got?

Here, we take a look at all the 27 red cards of Sergio Ramos’s career in club football so far.

Which player has never got a red card?

Gary Lineker never received a yellow or red card. It’s one of those amazing statistics in football that you struggle to believe is real, but alas, the legendary England striker managed to stay out of the referee’s book across a professional career spanning 1978 to 1994.

Who has the most red card?

On that note, here is a look at the top 10 players with the most red cards in football:
  • Cyril Rool – 27.
  • 4. Alexis Ruano Delgado – 22.
  • Paolo Montero – 21.
  • Rafael Marquez – 21.
  • Felipe Melo – 20.
  • Matteo Contini – 20.
  • Fernando Amorebieta – 19.
  • Gary Medel – 18. Gary Medel is one of the most fierce characters on a football pitch.

Who has the most red cards in La Liga?

El Capitano has received the highest number (20) of red cards in the history of La Liga. Six of them were direct reds, while 14 of them were results of direct yellows.

Who scored most free kick goals in La Liga?

21 – Lionel Messi has scored 21 direct free-kick goals in La Liga, more than any other player since at least 2003/04 (Cristiano Ronaldo, 20).

How much is a yellow card in La Liga?

The disciplinary record shows all players who have been given a card this season. Yellow card: 1 point, second yellow card: 3 points, Red card: 5 points. The fairplay table for the competition is calculated using the points assigned to each club.

How many red cards does Xavi have?


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