How many goals Suarez scored in UCL all time?

In total Suárez has scored 20 Champions League goals for Barcelona, out of a total of 177 across all competitions.

How many goals has Suarez scored total?

He has scored over 500 career goals for club and country.

How many Champions League has Luis Suarez won?

Suarez has had a glittering career, having won seven league titles and a UEFA Champions League across impressive spells with Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. It was at Nacional where the 35-year-old started his career in 2005, scoring 10 goals in 27 league games.

Who has more career goals between Suarez and Lewandowski?

The Football Arena – Luis Suarez 458 career goals – Robert Lewandowski 458 career goals!

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Who is a better striker Suarez or Lewandowski?

Originally Answered: Who is the better striker Luis Suarez or Robert Lewandowski? Lewandowski is better . lewandowski is so consistent scoring 40+goals for five season consecutively. he is the fourth all time scorer in UCL and only messi and ronaldo have better goal per game ratio than lewy .

Who has more goals Lewandowski or Zlatan?

But it is Zlatan Ibrahimovic who takes the third spot in this list with 389 league goals, while Lewandowski has 365.

Who are the top five active goalscorers in club football?

Player Robert Lewandowski
Continental 95
Total 509
Minutes Played 55,538′
Minutes per goal 109.10

How many career goals has Lewandowski?

1) Lewandowski was born on 21 August 1988 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. During his career so far he has scored 616 goals in 877 matches for club and country.

How many goals has Lewandowski?

He has scored over 600 senior career goals for club and country.

Who has more goals Suarez or Benzema?

The overall career stats suggest that Suarez have a better goalscoring record and is miles ahead of Benzema.

Is Suarez the best striker?

The people who have played with him always praise him to be the best striker they have ever seen. The ex Barcelona player scored almost 200 goals in just 6 seasons in Camp Nou while competing against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi in goals.

Who is world best striker?

FourFourTwo’s top ten strikers in world football:
  • Erling Haaland.
  • Karim Benzema.
  • Robert Lewandowski.
  • Kylian Mbappe.
  • Harry Kane.
  • Darwin Nunez.
  • Gabriel Jesus.

Who is the greatest strikers of all time?

1. Pele. Pele is the greatest striker to have walked the planet and played the beautiful game.

Who is better Suarez or Aguero?

They both are the South American Champions and won Copa America once in their career. Although Aguero won an Olympic Medal for Argentina too in the past. While Suarez has more goals for the country compared to Aguero. They even faced each other plenty of times and almost every single time Suarez outperformed Aguero.

Is Lewandowski the best striker in the world?

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski has been named the best striker in world football right now ahead of Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Who is better Aguero or Lewandowski?

Robert Lewandowski has played 431 national football matches and got 314 goals and has played for about 35.001 minutes. Whereas Sergio Aguero has played 479 national football matches and got 272 goals and has played for about 35.801 minutes.

How many goals does Kun Aguero have in his career?

Agüero won a Premier League Golden Boot and was twice included in the PFA Team of the Year. He is the fifth all-time Premier League goalscorer and the highest non-English scorer in the competition, with 184 goals.

Sergio Agüero.

Men’s football
Representing Argentina
Winner 2007 U-20 Team

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