How many red card does Thiago Silva have his Career?

Thiago Silva has received 0 yellow cards and 0 red cards. The average Infogol Player Rating for Thiago Silva in the English Premier League 2022/23 season is 6.44.

How many red cards has David Silva?

David Silva has received 1 yellow card and 0 red cards.

What has Thiago Silva won?

  • 2.1 Early career and 2008 Olympics.
  • 2.2 2010 World Cup, 2011 Copa América, and 2012 Olympics.
  • 2.3 2013 Confederations Cup.
  • 2.4 2014 World Cup.
  • 2.5 2015 Copa América.
  • 2.6 2018 World Cup.
  • 2.7 2019 Copa América.
  • 2.8 2021 Copa América.

How many goals Thiago Silva scored for Chelsea?

In the current club Chelsea played 3 seasons, during this time he played 103 matches and scored 5 goals. How many goals has Thiago Silva scored this season? In the current season Thiago Silva scored 0 goals. 0 goals in national team( Friendlies).

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Has Thiago Silva collected red card in Chelsea?

Promoted Stories. It is the first red card Silva has received since May 2013 when he was sent off for the first time in his European career whilst a Paris Saint-Germain player.

How many matches did Thiago Silva play for Chelsea last season?

Silva played 32 Premier League games last season for Chelsea and scored three goals.

How old is Thiago Silva of Chelsea?

When we hosted Tottenham in January 2022, Thiago Silva became the oldest Chelsea player to score in the Premier League, aged 37 years and 123 days.

Why is Dave’s song called Thiago Silva?

“Thiago Silva” is a song by British rappers Dave and AJ Tracey, released as a single on 13 May 2016. The song is produced by 169 and samples Ruff Sqwad’s “Pied Piper”. The song title refers to Brazilian footballer Thiago Silva.

Who is Thiago Silva wife?

Isabele da Silva
Thiago Silva / Wife

What teams has Thiago Silva played for?

Thiago Silva/Current teams

What does Silva mean?

Definition of silva

: the forest trees of a region or country.

How many trophies has Chelsea won?

Domestically, the club has won six league titles, eight FA Cups, five League Cups, and four FA Community Shields. Internationally, they have won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and the UEFA Super Cup twice each, and one FIFA Club World Cup since their inception.

Is Thiago Silva won Ballon d Or?

Paris Saint-Germain’s skipper Thiago Silva was voted in the Wold’s FIFPro XI of the year during the Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Who won the Golden Ball award at the last FIFA World Cup 2021?

Thiago Silva wins adidas Golden Ball as best player of UAE 2021.

How many times has Thiago won the Champions league?

#6 Thiago
Titles and season
2x Champions League winner
19/20 Bayern Munich
10/11 FC Barcelona
2x Euro participant

Who won Ballon d’Or 2008?

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo won his first Ballon d’Or in 2008 when he was still playing for Manchester United. He was also voted the club’s player of the year that season and helped them to win three successive league titles between 2007 and 2009.

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