How much does Di Maria cost in FIFA 22?

Di María’s price on the xbox market is 27,250 coins (4 hrs ago), playstation is 7,000 coins (17 min ago) and pc is 27,500 coins (23 min ago). There are 5 other versions of Angel Di Maria in FIFA 22, check them out using the navigation above.

How much is the Di Maria SBC?

88-rated Squad

What is this? Buying all the necessary cards for these squads combined will cost around 439,400 FUT coins on PlayStation, 427,000 on Xbox, 485,900 FUT coins on PC and Stadia.

What team is Neymar in FIFA 22?

His potential is 90 and his position is LW. He is 29 years old from Brazil and playing for Paris Saint-Germain in the France Ligue 1 (1). Neymar Jr FIFA 22 has 5 Skill moves and 5 Weak Foot, he is Right-footed and his workrates are High/Med.

How much does Di Maria cost in FIFA 21?

Di María FIFA 21 is 32 years old and has 5* skills and 2* weakfoot, and is Left footed. Di María’s price on the xbox market is 10,000 coins (11 month ago), playstation is 11,500 coins (11 month ago) and pc is 14,250 coins (11 month ago).

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What rating is Di Maria?

Ángel Di María Rating is 85. His potential is 85 and his position is RW. He is 33 years old from Argentina and playing for Paris Saint-Germain in the France Ligue 1 (1).

What is Di Maria speed?

The English forward reached a top speed of 32.7 km/hr (20.3 mph) when he tried to outrun QPR’s Rio Ferdinand.

Angel Di Maria wasn’t the fastest player for Manchester United against QPR.

# 2
PLAYER Angel Di Maria
TOP SPEED (km/hr) 32.3

How many Assist does Di Maria have?

Wages: € 147,885 Weekly Expires June 2023.

Ángel Di María Scouting Report.

Statistic Per 90 Percentile
Non-Penalty xG 0.29 79
Shots Total 2.62 75
Assists 0.37 93
xG Assisted 0.39 98

What position does Di Maria play?

Ángel Di María / Position

A midfielder is an outfield position in association football. Midfielders may play an exclusively defensive role, breaking up attacks, and are in that case known as defensive midfielders.


How Old Is Di Maria?

34 years (February 14, 1988)
Ángel Di María / Age

Where is Angel Di Maria?

Ángel Di María/Current teams

Is Di Maria leaving PSG?

Angel Di Maria has signed for Juventus after leaving Paris Saint-Germain, the Serie A club have announced. Di Maria scored 92 goals in 295 appearances for PSG after joining from Manchester United in 2015, winning five league titles during his time in the French capital.

How many trophies does Di Maria have?

#22 Ángel Di María
Titles and season
1x Champions League winner
13/14 Real Madrid
5x French champion
21/22 Paris Saint-Germain

What trophies has Messi won?

Number of trophies won by Lionel Messi as of 2022, by competition
Characteristic Number of titles
Player of the Year 10
Spanish champion 10
Spanish Super Cup winner 8
Spanish cup winner 7

Who is Di Maria’s wife?

Jorgelina Cardoso
Ángel Di María / Wife (m. 2011)

How many Champions Leagues has Ozil won?

8x Champions League

Who is the best UCL player?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player to have won the award three times as well as twice in a row. Female players are awarded the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year Award, introduced in 2013.

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