How much does Harry Kane earn a week 2022?


How much money has Harry Kane got?

Kane’s net worth is currently believed to be $40million (£33million), an incredible feat but still far below fan favourites like Cristiano Ronaldo who is believed to be worth almost $500million (£415million). But, turning 29 today, the star has all the same experienced incredible success in such a short career.

How much does Harry Kane earn an hour?

In addition to the Golden Boot trophy, winners are awarded £1,000 per goal scored to be donated to a charity of their choice. Kane earned £25,000 in 2016 and £29,000 in 2017.

How much does Harry Kane earn?

Timeframe Earnings
Per hour £1,190
Per day £28,571
Per week £200,000
Per month £800,000

What is Harry redknapps net worth?

Harry Redknapp Net Worth: Henry James “Harry” Redknapp is an English football coach and former footballer who has a net worth of $18 million.

Harry Redknapp Net Worth.

Net Worth: $18 Million
Profession: Athlete, Coach, Football player
Nationality: England

How much does Harry Kane earn a week 2022? – Related Questions

How much is Harry Kane worth 2022?

As of September 2022, Harry Kane’s net worth is $40 Million. What is this? Harry Edward Kane is a professional soccer player from the United Kingdom. He currently plays for the English national football team and ‘Tottenham Hotspur’, which he has been with since 2010.

How much money does Harry Kane earn a week?

He earns about £200,000 a week (£10.4 million a year) at Tottenham Hotspur and endorsement income, notably from Nike, should add considerably to that, making a £9 million rise in his net worth over the past year realistic.

How much is Hu Min Son worth?

Son Heung-min’s net worth

According to sources, his net worth is around $31.56 million, with earnings primarily from football contracts and sponsorship deals. In recent seasons, he has emerged as one of Tottenham’s most important players.

How much does son make a year?

9.984 million GBP (2023)
Son Heung-min / Salary

How much does Leah Williamson get paid?

England Lionesses captain Leah Williamson is reported to have earned £200,000 last season.

How Much Does Lauren Hemp get paid?

Hemp for all the right reasons. There, Lauren believed she would grow the most as a player, and she has shown to be correct. The profile of this young forward is intriguing, and Nike is his sponsor. She reportedly earns roughly $60,000 annually from her contract with the American business.

Is Leah Williamson an accountant?

Best known for playing as ‘number 6’, Leah has played football since the age of six before making her senior debut for Arsenal in 2014. Leah continues her career as a professional footballer whilst both training to be an accountant, and inspiring young women around the world on social media.

How much do footballers get paid UK?

Premier League Average Salary

The average Premier League footballer earns just over £60,000 per week which is more than £3 million per year.

How much does a ball boy get paid in football UK?

The highest salary for a Ball Boy in United Kingdom is £116,948 per year. What is the lowest salary for a Ball Boy in United Kingdom? The lowest salary for a Ball Boy in United Kingdom is £36,052 per year.

How much does a Premier League referee earn?

Premier League refs will take home up to around £70-£200k per year, according to Sporting Free. Referees earn a match fee in addition to their basic salary which is thought to be £1,500 for official referees and £850 for assistant referees and video assistant refs.

Which club has the highest wage bill in England?

According to recent figures, Manchester City are the Premier League’s highest-paying club, spending around £355m ($430m) a year on player wages, with Chelsea’s the second-biggest total at £343m. Manchester United’s annual wage bill is now £323m, and Liverpool’s sits at £314m.

Who has the lowest wage bill in the Premier League?

Brentford – £18.2. Brentford have the lowest wage bill across the league.

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