How old is Tiago Silva?

38 years (September 22, 1984)
Thiago Silva / Age

Where is Thiago Silva now?

Thiago Silva/Current teams

Why did Thiago Silva not play?

He said: “We decided with Thiago that he will have a break from the travelling and stress after he played every minute so far in very intense matches. It was the moment to give him a break.”

How much is Thiago Silva worth?

Profile summary
Full name Thiago Emiliano da Silva
Profession Professional soccer player
Current team(s) Chelsea and Brazil’s national team
Market value $2.6 million
Net worth Estimated to be $45 million

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How much does Thiago Silva earn per week?

Chelsea FC Players Contract, Salaries and Market Values 2022
Player Name Weekly Wage Age
Thiago Silva 37 £110,000
Hakim Ziyech 29 £100,000
Denis Zakaria 25 £90,577
Mason Mount 23 £90,000

How much does Thiago earn per week?

3 – Thiago Alcantara £200,000 weekly


How much does Thiago Silva cost FIFA 22?

Thiago Silva’s price on the xbox market is 55,000 coins (2 week ago), playstation is 70,000 coins (2 week ago) and pc is 45,000 coins (2 week ago). There are 1 other versions of Thiago Silva in FIFA 22, check them out using the navigation above.

Who is Thiago Silva wife?

Isabele da Silva
Thiago Silva / Wife

How much does Kante earn weekly?

Chelsea Players Wages and Contract and Market Values 2022/23
Player Name Age Weekly Wage
Raheem Sterling 27 £330,000
Kalidou Koulibaly 31 £295,000
N’Golo Kanté 31 £290,000
Wesley Fofana 21 £200,000

Who is the richest player in Chelsea?

The highest earner of 2021/22 was Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku.

Who is the richest player in Chelsea 2022?

Wesley Fofana: £200,000 – highest paid Chelsea players

Raheem Sterling is the highest paid player at Chelsea with a £325,000 a week salary.

Who Is Highest paid in Chelsea now?

Who is the highest paid star at Chelsea? Raheem Sterling now leads the way at Chelsea, with a weekly wage of £325,000, or £16.9m a year, according to That puts him ahead of fellow new recruit Koulibaly and World Cup winner N’Golo Kante.

Who is the richest player in EPL?

Cristiano Ronaldo (Man Utd, £515k)

Ronaldo has spent the entire summer pleading to leave United, and we suspect Ten Hag wouldn’t be displeased if Ronaldo did so, but the 37-year-old remains the Premier League’s highest-paid player on £515k per week.

Who is Manchester United highest paid?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – £515,385-per-week.

Who is the highest paid player in Premier League 2022?

Top 10 highest paid players in Premier League 2022-23
  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – £480,000 p/w.
  2. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) – £400,000 p/w.
  3. David De Gea (Manchester United) -£375,000 p/w.
  4. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – £350,000 p/w.
  5. Casemiro (Manchester United) – £350,000 p/w.

Who is the richest soccer player in the world 2022?

CR7’s net worth has risen to $690 Million in the year 2022.

Before taxes and fees, he made $105 million in 2020, placing him at No 4 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. He us today the richest footballer in the world. CR7 is well-known as a wealthy businessman in addition to his football profits. This man is a hotelier.

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