How tall is Enzo Alves Vieira?

Enzo Alves Vieira – footballer of Alevín B

Weight : 39 kg. Height : 1,41 m.

What is Marcelo’s son name?

Marcelo Vieira/Sons

When was Marcelo’s son born?

In 2008, Marcelo married his longtime girlfriend Clarice Alves and on 24 September 2009, they had their first child, a son named Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira. Their second son, Liam was born on 1 September 2015.

How tall is Marcelo?

1.74 m
Marcelo Vieira / Height

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How much is Marcelo net worth?

Marcelo Net worth is estimated to be around $16 million at the moment.

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Name Marcelo
Height 1.74 m
Age 33 years
Weight 85 kg
Net Worth $16 million

How tall is modrić?

1.72 m
Luka Modrić / Height

How tall is Carvajal?

1.73 m
Dani Carvajal / Height

How tall is Casemiro?

1.85 m
Casemiro / Height

How old is Marcelo?

34 years (May 12, 1988)
Marcelo Vieira / Age

How tall is Lucas Vazquez?

1.73 m
Lucas Vázquez / Height

How old is ISCO?

30 years (April 21, 1992)
Isco / Age

How old is Asensio?

26 years (January 21, 1996)
Marco Asensio / Age

How much does Lucas Vazquez earn?

How much does every Real Madrid player earn?
Player Age Salary
Lucas Vazquez 30 €9m (£7.6m)
Antonio Rudiger 29 €9m (£7.6m)
Eder Militao 24 €9m (£7.6m)
Mariano Diaz 28 €8.5m (£7.2m)

Who is highest paid player at Real Madrid?

Eden Hazard – Highest Paid Real Madrid Players

Eden Hazard is the highest-paid Real Madrid players, earning over £416,000-per-week. The Belgian was signed for around £120 million in the summer of 2018 from Chelsea.

How much does hazard earn per week?

Real Madrid Players Salaries 2022: Full Squad Contracts 2022/23!
Player Name Weekly Wage Age
Eden Hazard £516,000 31
Karim Benzema £450,000 34
David Alaba £400,000 30
Luka Modric £388,000 36

Who owns Real Madrid?

That’s because no one individual truly owns Real Madrid. Instead, the club is owned by its fans. The club’s supporters, known as “Madridistas,” are able to purchase an ownership stake in the club, a rare occurrence in club soccer’s modern financial boom.

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