How to World Cup tickets work?

World Cup tickets can be purchased through the official FIFA website, where fans will need to register an account on FIFA’s ticket portal.

How much are tickets to the FIFA World Cup?

To apply for tickets, you must have your own FIFA ticketing account complete with accurate information. For the FIFA World Cup 2022 ticket, 500,000 tickets still left; cheapest ticket priced at $69.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket Packages Date Prices From
World Cup Finals Weeks Ritz-Carlton, Doha | Dec 11 to Dec 19 $24,360

Are World Cup tickets by lottery?

Yes, FIFA’s official website is the place to make a purchase. There are typically multiple “Phases” for a purchase: Phase 1 is a random lottery before the teams are even known. Phase 2 is a first come, first serve after the draw.

Can FIFA World Cup tickets be resold?

FIFA Ticketing will make another resale window available, closer to the tournament, during a period that will be informed here in due course. If the original ticket purchaser wishes to submit their own ticket to the resale platform, they must submit all other tickets purchased by them for the same match.

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Is it safe to buy World Cup tickets on StubHub?

No risk if you buy from Stubhub, have bought tickets through them for every major event in the world.

Can I cancel my FIFA tickets?

Please also note that all ticket sales are final, and therefore you cannot cancel a purchase or return any tickets for any reason after FIFA Ticketing has successfully processed payment for the ticket(s), including for any reasons beyond your control.

Can you resell World Cup tickets?

FIFA have announced that fans who have purchased World Cup tickets online may submit those for resale on the FIFA official ticket resale platform. They have to log in to their FIFA ticket account and select the option “Tickets to resale” on the side menu.

Can World Cup tickets be refunded?

If you are not able to attend the Match on the Reserve Day and your Ticket is not used on the Reserve Day, you may apply for a refund in respect of that Ticket in accordance with paragraph 29 of the Ticket Refund Policy. Any ICC T20 World Cup 2022 matches eligible for Ticket refunds will be list below.

Can I change FIFA ticket name?

Click on “My ticket application” Select the respective link to the ticketing portal and log in to your FIFA ticketing account. Click on “My tickets” on the side menu. Select “Modify ticket holder”

What happens to my World Cup tickets if my team doesn’t qualify?

١٧ If your chosen national team does not qualify for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, FIFA Ticketing will refund your payment for your Team Specific Ticket Series, less an administration fee of QAR 40.00 (forty Qatari riyal).

Why does FIFA need my passport number?

It tells you what to do on the fan ID website. If you renew your passport you must reapply for the new fan ID. Your fan ID is actually a visa to Russia that will be checked at the immigration. Passport number in the fan ID must match the passport you are traveling with.

What is conditional supporter tickets?


National team supporters could apply for Conditional Supporter tickets available for the four second round matches that could potentially be played by their national team in the Round of 16, the Quarter-Finals, the Semi-Finals, the 3rd Place Match and the Final.

How many players can you bring to the World Cup 2022?

On June 23, FIFA announced an increase in the size of rosters for the 2022 World Cup, moving the allowable player cap from 23 players to 26 players for the upcoming tournament.

How many players can each team bring to the World Cup?

Before announcing their final squad for the tournament, teams name a provisional squad of up to 55 players. Each country’s final squad of 23–26 players must be submitted by 13 November 2022. Replacement of injured or COVID-19 positive players is permitted at any time up to 24 hours before a team’s first match.

How many people are on a soccer bench?

Typically for a professional game, seven substitutes, usually including one goalkeeper, are named at the start of the match on what is called the bench.

How many subs will be allowed in the World Cup?

UEFA Nations LeagueNews

Teams at the World Cup in Qatar will be able to use five substitutes per match after football’s rule-making body on Friday extended the right until the end of 2022.

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