What country is Abedi Pele from?

Abedi Ayew Pelé, (born Nov. 5, 1964, Ghana), Ghanaian football (soccer) player who was the only man to have won the African Player of the Year award three consecutive times (1991–93).

How did Abedi get the name Pelé?

Having been given the nickname “Pelé” in recognition of his superior ability, which evoked comparisons to Brazilian great Pelé, Abedi Pelé’s nomadic career began with Real Tamale in Ghana in 1978. He became a member of Ghana’s national team, the Black Stars, who won the African Cup of Nations in Libya in 1982.

What is the tribe of Abedi Pele?

Abedi Ayew was born into a family in the town of Kibi and grew up in the town of Dome at the northern outskirts of the city Accra. He attended Ghana Senior High School in Tamale. He was given the nickname “Pelé” due to his ability in football, which evoked comparisons to the Brazilian athlete Pelé.

Is Abedi Peles son Ayew?

Black Stars striker, Jordan Ayew has shared some insights into what it is to be born into a family that has produced great players for the Ghana national team.

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Where is Jordan Ayew from?

Marseille, France
Jordan Ayew / Place of birth

Who is Ayew brother?

André Ayew/Brothers

Who is Ayew father?

He is the second-born son of three-time African Footballer of the Year and FIFA 100 member Abedi “Pele” Ayew and has two brothers, Ibrahim and Jordan, who also are professional footballers. In 2011 Ayew was named the BBC African Footballer of the Year and Ghanaian Footballer of the Year.

Who is Abedi Pele first child?

Imani Ayew was born as the third child of her mother, Maha Ayew but she is the fourth child of the Abedi Pele family. She has two brothers, Andre and Jordan, from the same mother and a stepbrother, Ibrahim who is Abedi’s first child.

Who is Dede Ayew wife?

Yvonne Ayew
André Ayew / Wife

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