What happens to David Silva?

Out with leg injury Silva has suffered a leg injury and will miss Sunday’s clash against Espanyol, according to El Diario Vasco. Impact Silva has started in each of Sociedad’s last eight games in La Liga and the Europa League, but he is out Sunday with a leg injury.

What is David Silva known for?

David Josué Jiménez Silva (born 8 January 1986) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for La Liga club Real Sociedad. Silva plays mainly as a central or an attacking midfielder but can also play as a winger or second striker.

How much did Man City pay for David Silva?

6.76 million GBP (2012)
David Silva / Salary

Did David Silva won the world Cup?

2010 FIFA World Cup winner David Silva has confirmed he will no longer represent Selección Española de Fútbol (SeFutbol) at international level. Thanks for the memories, David! Syed Ahmed Farrukh and 15,302 others like this.

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Why does Silva wear 21?

Sergio Aguero would go on to inherit that number and Silva has revealed his choice was no coincidence as he favoured 21 after tricking a teammate during his time with Valencia. “I moved to Eibar a very short time before the beginning of the 2004-05 season and it was the only one available,” he told Man City.

How many international trophies does Silva have?

In all, he won a total of 23 trophies during his 8 years at the French capital, and a total of 33 in his career.

What trophies has Fabregas won?

Cesc Fàbregas trophies list
  • Europa League Winner. Chelsea 2018-2019.
  • FA Cup Winner. Chelsea 2018.
  • English Champion. Chelsea 2017.
  • Euro participant. Spain 2016.
  • English League Cup winner. Chelsea 2015.
  • World Cup participant. Spain 2014.
  • Spanish Super Cup winner. FC Barcelona 2013-2014.
  • Spanish champion. FC Barcelona 2012-2013.

How many league titles has David Silva?

#21 David Silva
Titles and season
4x English Champion
2019 Manchester City
2018 Manchester City
2014 Manchester City

What has azpilicueta won?

#28 César Azpilicueta
Titles and season
1x English FA Cup winner
2018 Chelsea FC
1x English League Cup winner
2015 Chelsea FC

What has Aguero won?

Agüero won a Premier League Golden Boot and was twice included in the PFA Team of the Year. He is the fifth all-time Premier League goalscorer and the highest non-English scorer in the competition, with 184 goals.

What is the Aguero statue made out of?

Award-winning sculptor Andy Scott has constructed the Aguero statue “using thousands of welded pieces of galvanised steel”. City have pointed out that the finished article will be “illuminated with blue tinted lighting” at night to make it look even more dramatic.

Is Aguero rich?

He has since played successfully with Manchester City, and is currently signed through 2017 with the team. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Sergio Aguero earned $24 million between salary and endorsements.

Sergio Aguero Net Worth.

Net Worth: $80 Million
Profession: Football player
Nationality: Argentina

How many trophies has Suarez won?

Known for his passing, finishing and comfort with the ball, he is regarded as one of the best players of his generation, and one of the greatest strikers of all time, Suárez has won nineteen major trophies in his career, including seven league titles and a UEFA Champions League at club level, as well as the 2011 Copa

How many goals did Suárez scored for Barcelona?

Stats by club
Total : 441
FC Barcelona 283 113
Ajax Amsterdam 159 69
Liverpool FC 133 47

How many trophies has Bale won?

#11 Gareth Bale
Titles and season
5x Champions League winner
21/22 Real Madrid
17/18 Real Madrid
16/17 Real Madrid

How many trophies has Lewandowski won?

Bayern’s forward Robert Lewandowski is a serial champion: he has nine Bundesliga titles, four DFB Cup titles, six DFL Super Cup titles, 1 UEFA Super Cup title and 1 Champions League title on his crowded mantlepiece.

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