Where Did Man City buy David Silva?

A host of Manchester City fans have taken to social media to deliver their verdict on David Silva’s answers in a recent quick-fire interview. The former Spain international, who joined City from Valencia in a £24 million move, bid farewell to the Manchester side at the end of the 2019/20 campaign.

How long was Silva at Man City?

David Silva
Personal information
2005–2006 → Celta (loan) 34
2010–2020 Manchester City 309
2020– Real Sociedad 52
National team

How much did Man City pay for David Silva?

6.76 million GBP (2012)
David Silva / Salary

When did David Silva leave Man City?

Manchester City icon David Silva bid farewell to the Premier League side at the end of 2019/20 season. But the 34-year-old is still hopeful of his return to Etihad one last time.

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Why did David Silva leave Man City?

Bernardo Silva Explains Reasons Behind Wanting to Leave Manchester City Last Summer. Bernardo Silva has revealed during a new interview with The Times that he wanted to leave Manchester City last summer due to a desire to be closer to family, as opposed to any football-related issues.

Why does Silva wear 21?

Sergio Aguero would go on to inherit that number and Silva has revealed his choice was no coincidence as he favoured 21 after tricking a teammate during his time with Valencia. “I moved to Eibar a very short time before the beginning of the 2004-05 season and it was the only one available,” he told Man City.

When did Vincent Kompany leave Man City?

On 19 May 2019, it was announced that Kompany would be leaving Manchester City to become player-manager of his first club Anderlecht. With two defeats, two goalless draws, six goals conceded and three scored, the Brussels-based club had endured their worst opening start to a league campaign since the 1998–99 season.

Why is Silva called Merlin?

Inter were strong, they’d won the Champions League in 2010, but we won 3-0 and David’s performance was, well we christened him Merlin, the magician.

How old is David Silva?

36 years (January 8, 1986)
David Silva / Age

What club does David Silva?

Real Sociedad
David Silva / Current team (#21 / Midfielder)

Real Sociedad de Fútbol, S.A.D., more commonly referred to as Real Sociedad, La Real in Spanish, Erreala in Basque, is a Spanish professional sports club in the city of San Sebastián, Basque Country, founded on 7 September 1909. It plays its home matches at the Anoeta Stadium.


How do you spell Silva?

Silva.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/silva. Accessed 30 Sep. 2022.

What position was David Silva?

David Silva / Position

A midfielder is an outfield position in association football. Midfielders may play an exclusively defensive role, breaking up attacks, and are in that case known as defensive midfielders.


How many assists does Silva have?

Premier League Record
Appearances 309
Goals 60
Assists 93

Which clubs has Bernardo Silva played for?

Bernardo Silva/Current teams

What happened to David Luiz?

Free agent David Luiz has completed a move to Brazilian club Flamengo after leaving Arsenal at the end of last season. The 34-year-old has signed a deal until December 2022 with the Rio de Janeiro-based Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A side.

How do you pronounce Luiz?

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