Where does Marcelo Monreal live?

Based in Santa Catarina, Brazil, collage artist Marcelo Monreal’s work is going viral for his different take on inner beauty. His latest works digitally cut open the portraits of celebrities, super models and other faces of pop culture that are otherwise stagnant, to reveal beautiful blooms underneath.

What is Marcelo Monreal inspired by?

To Monreal, there was no specific inspiration. He stated in an interview; that he feels people don’t tell us who they really are.

Who is Marcelo Monreal?

Marcelo Monreal is a Brazilian collage artist who cracks skulls in the most beautiful way possible. Digitally splitting parts of models and celebrities faces (Christopher Walken and Kate Moss are among them), he fuses beautiful blooms with the broken shapes.

What is Marcelo Monreal known for?

Marcelo Monreal is a Brazilian artist who creates the series of surreal portraits “Faces [UN]bonded“. Monreal makes deconstructed and impressive digital collages in which he manipulates the faces of contemporary icons and fashion models, filling them out with flowers.

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When was Marcelo born?

May 12, 1988 (age 34 years)
Marcelo Vieira / Date of birth

Where is Rocio Montoya from?

I’m from Madrid, the city where I currently live and work. I work as a graphic editor for a national newspaper and I combine photography with graphic and editorial design. I was born into a family of artists.

How does Maurizio Anzeri create his work?

Maurizio Anzeri makes his portraits by sewing directly into found vintage photographs. His embroidered patterns garnish the figures like elaborate costumes, but also suggest a psychological aura, as if revealing the person’s thoughts or feelings.

Who is Brno Del Zou?

Brno Del Zou is a musician, photographer, sculptor, videographer, software designer, creator of video / sound / interactive installations.

Who is Henrietta Harris?

Henrietta Harris (b. 1984) is an artist from Aotearoa New Zealand based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. She has exhibited widely—particularly in Australasia and the United States—and has produced artwork for diverse publications and commercial clients.

Who is Rosanna Jones?

Rosanna Jones is a photographer and mixed media image maker based in London. She is a graduate in Fashion Photography from Falmouth University. Her work specialises in an experimental blend of art and photography; celebrating the physical possibilities of an image, rather than simply its two dimensional form.

Who is Aliza Razell?

She describes herself as an experimental photographer, creating surreal images by combining her passion for photography with watercolors.

Who is Jose Romussi?

Jose Romussi (1979) is a Chilean born mixed-media artist who uses hand embroidery to embellish photographs. He was brought up in Chile and then went to live in New York (USA). He studied landscape design, but later became known for his prints and collages. He now lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

What does Alma Haser do?

Alma Haser (b. 1989, Germany) combines photography with collage and origami techniques to create work that seeks to expand on traditional portraiture and reflect on the concerns of millennial and future generations.

Where is Alma Haser from?

Born in 1989 into an artistic family in the Black Forest, Germany, Alma Haser is now based in London and on the southeast coast.

What is Aldo tolino known for?

by weaving, creasing and tucking the surface of a paper sheet, austrian artist aldo tolino creates geometric mutations of human portraits. the distortions generate new facial representations, expressions, and personalities, translating the original picture into a manipulated deformity.

Who is Aldo tolino?

Aldo Tolino is an Austrian artist and philosopher creating sculptural objects and human portraits. The artist has to do several steps to make the pieces you see here.

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