Where does Thiago Silva rank?

Thiago Emiliano

Thiago Silva Rating is 86. His potential is 86 and his position is CB. He is 36 years old from Brazil and playing for Chelsea in the England Premier League (1).

Why did Thiago Silva not play?

He said: “We decided with Thiago that he will have a break from the travelling and stress after he played every minute so far in very intense matches. It was the moment to give him a break.”

Why is Thiago Silva suspended?

Thiago picked up the caution against Colombia, imposed after he blocked goalkeeper David Ospina taking a kick, and as it was his second of the tournament he was automatically suspended.

Why is Thiago Silva so good?

A physically strong player, Thiago beats opponents in his head. He has an innate ability to read the game quicker than those around him and the technical abilities to match that speed of thought.

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Who is the best defender of PSG?

Currently the best defender in Paris Saint-Germain is Achraf Hakimi with total 24 pass interceptions. With this top performance he ranks number 90 of all top 5 European league defensive players and number 78 in the overall ranking of the French Ligue 1.

Is Thiago Silva the best defender in the world?

Thiago Silva is without doubt the best central defender in the world. He has incredible qualities. He is a symbol of elegance like Franz Beckenbauer was. Silva follows in his footsteps.”

Is Thiago Silva a sweeper?

The role assigned to Silva would be key to maximizing his influence for the Blues; it is important that Silva plays a sweeper role due to his age, lack of pace and intelligent reading of the game. Silva has been at the heart of PSG’s defense for eight years and he has been captain at PSG for six years.

Who is Thiago Silva wife?

Isabele da Silva
Thiago Silva / Wife

Does Thiago Silva have children?

Thiago Silva/Children

How old is Thiago Silva?

38 years (September 22, 1984)
Thiago Silva / Age

Who is the best defender in the world?

1Top 10 best defenders in the world
S.no Player name Career Appearances
1 Virgil Van Dijk 445
2 Sergio Ramos 896
3 Gerard Pique 727
4 Thiago Silva 656

What does Silva mean?

Definition of silva

: the forest trees of a region or country.

Is Thiago Silva won Ballon d Or?

Paris Saint-Germain’s skipper Thiago Silva was voted in the Wold’s FIFPro XI of the year during the Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Who won the Golden Ball award at the last FIFA World Cup 2021?

Thiago Silva wins adidas Golden Ball as best player of UAE 2021.

Who won Ballon d’Or 2008?

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo won his first Ballon d’Or in 2008 when he was still playing for Manchester United. He was also voted the club’s player of the year that season and helped them to win three successive league titles between 2007 and 2009.

How many trophies has Chelsea won?

Domestically, the club has won six league titles, eight FA Cups, five League Cups, and four FA Community Shields. Internationally, they have won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and the UEFA Super Cup twice each, and one FIFA Club World Cup since their inception.

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