Which footballer has a private jet?

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Private Jet

Author of more than 750 career goals, Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Champions League, the Portuguese selection and Real Madrid. The forward and captain of Juventus Turin is paid $ 117 million a year by his club. CR7 is the footballer who owns the most expensive private jet.

Does Paul Pogba have a private jet?

Paul Pogba lands in private jet and takes selfies with fans on return to Juventus for medical as ex-Manchester United star reignites former status at Serie A club.

Which footballer has expensive private jet?

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo – Gulfstream G650

The 37-year-old superstar owns the Gulfstream G650, one of the best private jets money can buy. At a whopping £28 million, it also happens to be the most expensive private jet owned by a footballer.

Which Chelsea player has a private jet?

Inside Roman Abramovich’s incredible £270m private jet boasting bedrooms and kitchen. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has long enjoyed all the perks that come with sitting on a frankly staggering amount of wealth and even bankrolled the most successful period in the history of Chelsea Football Club.

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Which football clubs have their own planes?

With a few exceptions, football clubs do not typically own planes. In domestic leagues like the English Premier League, most clubs are well within driving distance of one another. Coach is the normal mode of travel. However, for travelling farther distances, football clubs hire out private jets.

Who owns a gold private jet?

The Sultan of Brunei’s Boeing 747-430 – 323 million USD

His custom Boeing 747-300 cost a cool 323 million USD, including a reported 100 million USD worth of luxury features to meet the sovereign’s requirements like washbasins made from solid gold. The jets Lalique crystal and gold interior is a true flying palace.

Does Chelsea have its own plane?

Chelsea owns a private jet which the club uses to transport the first team, women’s team and youth team to European fixtures on the continent. The Blues have also been known to charter private aircraft for domestic fixtures in the past.

Does Roman Abramovich have a private jet?

The Gulfstream, worth $60m, is in Russia. Abramovich owns the planes through shell companies rooted in Cyprus, Jersey and the British Virgin Islands, the US justice department said. Besides seizing the jets, the department said, government prosecutors are seeking penalties of up twice their value.

What jet does Roman Abramovich have?

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich owned a $350 million Boeing 787 business jet. The plane is being seized by the US Department of Transportation as part of sanctions against Russia. A few other Boeing 787 private jets exist, including purpose-built planes and converted passenger Dreamliners.

How many planes does Abramovich own?

2 Aircraft

Who owns most expensive jet in the world?

Who has the most expensive private jet in the world? The United States Air Force owns the most expensive private jet in the world: the Air Force One, which costs an estimated $660 million.

How many Russian private jets are there?

According to European data research and consulting company WINGX, there are only about 100 business jets on the Russia Register.

What plane does Chelsea Fly in?

The Chelsea FC owner recently traded the aircraft in for a Boeing 787. Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich used to own one of the world’s most expensive private jets – a Boeing 767-33AER complete with a gold-gilded banquet hall and the same anti-ballistic system as the VC-25As used as Air Force One.

Who owns 767 private jet?

Imagine flying anywhere in the world on your own private Boeing 767 airplane with a full-size bedroom and shower. If you’re John H. Ruiz, you don’t have to imagine. This billionaire Miami attorney owns this incredible private jet, once a commercial aircraft that could seat 216 passengers and fly for 12 hours straight.

How much is a 767 plane cost?

The Boeing 737 twinjet is a shorter, more economical model similar to Boeing’s 727 and 707.

Average prices for Boeing aircraft as of March 2022, by type (in million U.S. dollars)

Aircraft type Price in million U.S. dollars
737 MAX 10 134.9
767-300ER 217.9
767-300 Freighter 220.3
787-8 248.3

How much money does Abramovich have?

8.6 billion USD (2022)
Roman Abramovich / Net worth

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