Who is Benzemas father?

Hafid Benzema
Karim Benzema / Father

How old is Karim Benzema?

34 years (December 19, 1987)
Karim Benzema / Age

Who is Karim Benzema mother?

Wahida Djebbara
Karim Benzema / Mother

Does Benzema have a child?

Benzema is also a proud parent of two lovely children, Ibrahim & Mélia.

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How much money does Karim Benzema make?

8 million GBP (2021)
Karim Benzema / Salary

Who owns Real Madrid?

That’s because no one individual truly owns Real Madrid. Instead, the club is owned by its fans. The club’s supporters, known as “Madridistas,” are able to purchase an ownership stake in the club, a rare occurrence in club soccer’s modern financial boom.

Does Benzema have a wife?

Cora Gauthier
Karim Benzema / Wife

Is Karim Benzema married?

Cora Gauthier
Karim Benzema / Spouse

What is Karim Benzema ethnicity?

Born in France but of Algerian descent, Karim could played for the Algerian national team. In fact, the Algerian football federation is known to have tried to convince him when he was making a name for himself. He chose France and went on to pick up 81 caps for Les Bleues until his last appearance in 2015.

How many siblings does Karim Benzema have?

Karim Benzema/Siblings

How many hat tricks does Benzema have?

#4 Karim Benzema – 4 Champions League hat-tricks

Benzema has scored four Champions League hat-tricks and all four have been for Real Madrid. Two of those four hat-tricks were scored last year, against Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea in the Round of 16 and the quarter-finals respectively.

What is Benzema worth in 2022?

$75 Million

How many goals has Benzema scored all time?

Benzema now has 413 goals to his name for club and country. Benzema has scored a grand total of 287 goals in 566 games in all competitions for Real Madrid since joining from Lyon what seems like a lifetime ago (but was actually only 2009). LaLiga – 27 Goals.

Who has scored more goals Messi or ronaldo?

Messi leads Ronaldo 77–73 in all-time group stage goals. Ronaldo took 137 games to reach 100, Messi 123. Messi’s 120 goals for Barcelona eclipsed Ronaldo’s single-club high of 105 at Real Madrid.

Which player have many goals in the world?

IFFHS statistics
Rank Player Years
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 2002–present
2 Lionel Messi* 2004–present
3 Pelé* 1957–1977
4 Romário 1985–2007

Who scored most goals for Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo, ¡Real Madrid top scorer!

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