Who is better footballer than Messi?

Ronaldo is the older of the two, has played in more games and scored more goals than Messi. Lionel Messi has won the Ballon d’Or for a record 4 times (2010–12, 2015) and Ronaldo won the award in 2013 and 2014. Messi was runner up in the years Ronaldo won the award, while Ronaldo was runner up in 2011 and 2012.

Is Mbappe better than Messi Quora?

He is a good dribbler but he isn’t even close to be able as good as Messi in that sector of the game. Mbappe usually dribbles 1 or two players and sometimes 3 at once while it is not rare to see Messi dribble 4 or 5 players at once.

Who is more better Mbappe or Haaland?

Mbappe once again enjoys a clear edge over Haaland in the number of assists provided in club football in his career so far.

Who is better Messi or Ronaldo by skills?

While Messi might have more talent, Ronaldo’s combination of physical and technical abilities just makes him better. He is 6”1 of pure Portuguese muscle. This means he’s very hard to push off the ball. Ronaldo’s combination of dizzying pace, great dribbling and powerful shooting with either foot terrorizes defenses.

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Who is the king of football all time?

Pelé “The king of football” Pelé was a Brazilian football player who scored more than 1000 goals in his career and became 3 times winner of the World Cup with Brazil.

Does Messi have more skill than Ronaldo?

According to most soccer experts, the two players are pretty much equated in other areas, such as passing accuracy, shooting accuracy, free kick skills, and the number of hat-tricks they scored. However, when it comes to penalties, it seems that Ronaldo is much better at staying composed and scoring a goal.

Who is faster Messi or Ronaldo?

While the Argentinian abuses them on short speed, Ronaldo wins on top speed.

Who is the best dribbler in the world?

These are the top 50 dribblers according to FM22. Messi and Neymar both lead the way with a dribbling rating of 20 out of 20, whilst Real Madrid’s Eden Hazard, Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin and FC Porto’s Luis Diaz make up the top five, with the trio’s dribbling ranked at 19 out of 20.

Who is best player in the world?

Wins by player
# Player Third place
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 1 (2019)
2 Robert Lewandowski
3 Lionel Messi 1 (2020)
4 Luka Modrić

Who is the best player in the world ever?

#1 Lionel Messi (Argentina) – seven-time Ballon d’Or winner. The Copa America triumph cemented Lionel Messi’s place as the greatest player of all time.

Who is the best legend in football?

Football Legends
  • Zico.
  • Marco Van Basten.
  • Lev Yashin.
  • Eusebio.
  • Sir Bobby Charlton.
  • Michel Platini.

Who scored the most goals ever?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who scored most hat trick in football?

Cristiano Ronaldo

His record lasted for 89 years. Poul Nielsen became the first player to score 8 international hat-tricks on 2 October 1921 in Denmark’s 3–1 victory over Norway. His record lasted for 11 years.

Why is 3 goals a hat-trick?

A player gets a hat-trick when they score three goals in one game, but the use of the term actually didn’t start on the football pitch. The phrase came from cricket, and was used when a bowler took three wickets from three consecutive balls. The club would give the bowler a hat to celebrate this achievement.

Who has the most assists in soccer?

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi has provided the most assists in football. The Argentina captain has tallied 372 assists in his record-breaking career for club and country. Messi ended his maiden league campaign with PSG with 15 assists in 26 Ligue 1 outings.

Who is best assist in the world?

Lionel Messi | 371 Assists

The World considers him at par with Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in the world. Although the Portuguese star matches his goal-scoring abilities, he falls short to be par with Messi’s creative skills. The 7-time Ballon-D’or winner has 320 assists in his club career.

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