Who is the best defender in the world?

1Top 10 best defenders in the world
S.no Player name Career Appearances
1 Virgil Van Dijk 445
2 Sergio Ramos 896
3 Gerard Pique 727
4 Thiago Silva 656

Where does Thiago Silva rank?

Thiago Emiliano

Thiago Silva Rating is 86. His potential is 86 and his position is CB. He is 36 years old from Brazil and playing for Chelsea in the England Premier League (1).

Who is better Thiago Silva or Sergio Ramos?

Who is better in defense: Sergio Ramos or Thiago Silva? Lets have a look at Sergio Ramos’s and Thiago Silva’s defensive skills. Sergio Ramos has a total of 5 blocks, 19 aerial duels and a total number of 19 tackles. Thiago Silva has a total of 6 blocks, 30 aerial duels and a total number of 13 tackles.

Who is the best defender in PSG?

Currently the best defender in Paris Saint-Germain is Sergio Ramos with total 27 pass interceptions. With this top performance he ranks number 93 of all top 5 European league defensive players and number 214 in the overall ranking of the French Ligue 1. Who is the best midfielder in Paris Saint-Germain 2022/2023?

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Who is No 1 football player in the world?

Lionel Messi

Who is No 1 in PSG?

Squad Paris Saint-Germain
# player Age
1 Keylor Navas Goalkeeper 35
16 Sergio Rico Goalkeeper 29
90 Alexandre Letellier Goalkeeper 31
70 Lucas Lavallée Goalkeeper 19

Who is the defender in PSG?

Paris Saint-Germain F.C./Defenders

Who is best player for PSG?

Kylian Mbappe, who scored 25 league goals for PSG this year, was named the best player of the 2021 Ligue 1 season, but refused to disclose whether he would join Real Madrid in the summer.

Who is the best PSG player of all time?

PSG’s best player ever is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The skipper had 156 goals in his 180 appearances for the club, becoming the all-time top scorer. He won many cups with them, including the Ligue 1 and Coupe de France.

Who is the PSG legend?

The man, the legend – Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In his four years in Paris, Zlatan bagged 113 goals for PSG, a record that would be later broken by Cavani. He brought recognition to the club and tried his best to bring the Champions League title to the French capital, but he couldn’t do it alone.

Has PSG ever been relegated?

They have also reached the top five 27 times, which represents more than half of the club’s seasons in Ligue 1. PSG’s lowest-ever finish is 16th, both in 1971–72 (their first in Ligue 1) and 2007–08, when they escaped relegation on the final day of the season, with a 2–1 win at Sochaux.

Who is the best player in the world in 2022?

Top 10 best players in the world in 2022
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal and Manchester United)
  • Mohamed Salah (Egypt and Liverpool)
  • Robert Lewandowski (Poland and Bayern Munich)
  • Kevin de Brunye (Belgium and Manchester City)
  • Kylian Mbappé (France and Paris Saint-Germain)
  • Karim Benzema (France and Real Madrid)

Who is the best player on Real Madrid?

1. Karim Benzema, center forward, Real Madrid.

Who is the king of world football?

Lionel Messi 2022 – Still The King of Football – HD #lionelmessi #argentina #psg Fad3nHD Production Lionel Messi – best skills, dribbling, goals, assists, playmaking, tricks, nutmegs for PSG and Argentina.

Who is the best striker in history?

1. Pele. Pele is the greatest striker to have walked the planet and played the beautiful game.

Who is best player of all time?

#1 Lionel Messi (Argentina) – seven-time Ballon d’Or winner. The Copa America triumph cemented Lionel Messi’s place as the greatest player of all time.

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