Who is the fastest person in the Bundesliga?

Mainz centre-back Jeremiah St. Juste has been the fastest player in the Bundesliga this season so far, according to numbers released by Kicker. The 25-year-old clocked a top speed of 36,63 km/h before suffering a shoulder injury that has kept him out since October.

What is Benzema top speed?

Key stats
  • Matches played.
  • Assists.
  • 28.1. Top speed (km/h)
  • 3.34.

Who is the fastest player in Bayern Munich?

Niklas Sule is Bayern’s fastest player this season, he has registered a top speed of 34.8 km/h.

How fast is gnabry?

Serge Gnabry — 33.20 kph.

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How Fast Is Mo Salah?

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): 36.6 kmh (22.7 mph)

How fast is Kylian Mbappé?

PSG’s Kylian Mbappe has been ranked as the fastest footballer in the world according to data from French newspaper Le Figaro. Clocking in at an impressive top speed of 36km/h, the French forward has come out ahead of well-known speedsters such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Leroy Sane.

How good is gnabry?

Gnabry has proven an extremely versatile attacking player, owing to his ability to use both feet and to be effective in a variety of attacking situations. If his stronger foot is his right, he can also accurately and powerfully shoot with his left (below).

What is Ronaldo’s top speed?

Cristiano Ronaldo was clocked at 33.95 km/h against Spain. That’s the fastest of any player at the FIFA World Cup He’s 33-years-old.

What is Vini Jr top speed?

10 Fastest Soccer Players In The World
  • Kylian Mbappe.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Adama Traore. Top Speed: 22 mph / 35.4 km/h.
  • Erling Haaland. What is this?
  • Sadio Mane. What is this?
  • Vinicius Jr. Top Speed: 21.6 mph / 34.7 km/h.
  • Ismaila Sarr. Top Speed: 21.4 mph / 34.4 km/h.
  • Rafa. Top Speed: 21.1 mph / 34 km/h.

What is Adama Traore top speed?

3= Adama Traore

He’s unbelievable. He’s got pace, power, strength, and he even oils his arms up so you can’t even grab him.” The Spain international only started 10 Premier League games for Wolves in 2021-22 but still got to showcase his pace, hitting a top speed of 36.6km/h.

How fast is Erling Haaland?

In a 2020 game for his current club Borussia Dortmund, a TV station clocked him sprinting 60m in just 6.64 seconds, a time which would have put him in the World Championship athletics indoor final in 2018. It is a staggering feat, as the world record by US athlete Christian Coleman stands at 6.34 seconds.

What is Messi top speed?

32,50 km/h

Who is the fastest footballer ever?

1: Arjen Robben – 37 KM/H

During the World Cup 2014, this dutchman sprinted past Sergio Ramos against Spain with a speed of 37 KM/H making him the fastest player ever. Robben is known for making solo goals as he cuts into the defence confidently.

Who is faster than Mbappe?

Bale has Clocked 36.9 km/h. Whilst Mbappe has done around 35/36 km/h.

Who is the top 10 fastest football player?

Top 10 fastest football players in the world in 2022
  • Alphonso Davies – 35.97 km/h.
  • Sheraldo Becker – 35.97 km/h.
  • Erling Haaland- 36 km/h.
  • Kylian Mbappe 36.08 km/h.
  • Achraf Hakimi – 36.48 km/h.
  • Mohamed Salah – 36.6 km/h.
  • Adama Traore – 36.6 km/h.
  • Antonio Rudiger- 36.7 km/h.

Who is faster Ronaldo or Mbappe?

Mbappé is faster than Ronaldo.

His average speed was 36 km/hr — which is even more impressive when you realise eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt averaged 37.5 km/hr when he set the world 100m record in 2009.

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