Why is Oblak not playing?

Deputy stopper Ivo Grbic is expected set fill in for him against the Portuguese giants, however, Oblak’s absence is not expected to be longer than a week. As per reports from Diario AS, Oblak only suffered bruising after accidentally colliding with teammate Reinildo Mandava, but a serious injury has been ruled out.

Where is Jan Oblak?

Jan Oblak/Current teams

Is Oblak better than De Gea?

Since his Atleti debut in September 2014, he has the most clean sheets (167) in Europe’s top five leagues and a save percentage of 76.5%, the third-highest. According to the data, Oblak has prevented just over 51 goals in that time, at least four more than any other keeper and nearly 20 more than De Gea.

Who is manager of Atletico Madrid?

Diego Simeone
Atlético de Madrid / Manager

Diego Pablo Simeone González, nicknamed El Cholo, is an Argentine professional football manager and former player who played as a midfielder; he has been the manager of Atlético Madrid since December 2011.


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How many trophies has Atletico Madrid won?

Atlético have amassed 34 major titles so far in their history.

How many times has Simeone won La Liga?

With his family as excited as he was, Simeone embarked on this new adventure. On his way to winning eight trophies as a coach – the two LaLiga Santander championships, plus two Europa League titles, two UEFA Super Cups, one Copa del Rey and one Spanish Super Cup – the Argentine has broken various records.

How long has Simeone managed Athletico?

Simeone has previously managed Racing Club, Estudiantes, River Plate, San Lorenzo and Catania. He has, however, been the manager of Atletico since 2011. Simeone orchestrated Atletico’s shock La Liga title victory in 2013/14, also leading them to the UEFA Champions League final that season and again two years later.

Is Simeone a good coach?

Simeone named the best club coach of the decade ahead of Guardiola and Klopp. The international Federation of Football History and Statistics has chosen Diego Simeone as the best club coach of the last decade (2011-2020).

How long has Simeone coach Atletico Madrid?

Diego Simeone completes TEN YEARS as Atletico Madrid coach.

How long has Diego Simeone been at Atletico Madrid as coach?

With eight trophies lifted and hundreds of millions of euros earned during his 11-year reign at Atletico Madrid, so long as Diego Simeone qualifies his team for the Champions League again he has undoubtedly earned the right to press the reset button and try to correct all that’s glaringly wrong with his failing team.

Will Diego Simeone leave Atletico?

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has signed a new contract with the club to stay on until June 2024. The Argentine coach won La Liga for the second time in his career with Atletico last season, and has been at the club since 2011.

How much is Simeone salary?

Simeone has won two La Liga titles with Atletico, breaking the duopoly that Barcelona and Real Madrid had over the league. He has also won two UEFA Europa League titles and has finished runner-up in the UEFA Champions League on two occasions. Simeone reportedly earns a whopping €3.33 million per month.

Was Diego Simeone a good player?

Simeone was lauded as a hero too, and he stayed for one more season at Atletico—scoring four goals in all competitions as his side reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League, as well as playing consistently in a team that reached fifth place in La Liga.

Does Simeone speak English?

Trippier also revealed that Simeone is learning English and expressed his desire to see him coach a Premier League side in the future. “I’d love to see him working in England,” declared Trippier. “I know he was learning English about a year ago, and his partner speaks English.

Is Atletico Madrid a good team?

In terms of league titles won, Atlético Madrid are the third most successful club in Spanish football—behind Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Where is Diego Simeone now?

Atlético de Madrid
Diego Simeone / Current team (manager)

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